If you’re trying to decide when to hire a Pro Vs DIY for window treatments, know that tools, timeline, and cost all play a part. 

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Handyman with tape measure installing roller window blind indoors

You might not realize it, but the treatments and window shutters you put on your Franklin, TN, home change the way that the space you live in looks and feels. These aspects of your home decor are both functional and aesthetic, and they can eat into your budget. But how do you know when to hire a pro versus DIY for window treatments, shutters, and more?


If you only have one or two window shutters to install, they are on the ground floor, and you’re comfortable with drilling into the exterior of your home, you should be able to find a tutorial online. On the interior, you can install curtains pretty easily in just about any room. It’s also a smart idea to do it yourself if you’re moving into a new home and immediately need privacy, such as if your new home is on a busy street and your bedroom window faces the front of your house.

Call A Pro

Calling in a professional is a great option when you have an entire home to which you need to add window shutters or treatments. A professional is a must when you have more than two rooms or your windows are oddly shaped. With a professional installation service, you always know when your technician is available, and you can schedule around your convenience. A professional is also a smart choice when you need specialty products, want a custom color, or aren’t comfortable on a ladder in rooms with tall ceilings.

What Are The Hardest Shades And Window Shutters To Install?

Each type of window treatment can be easy or difficult, and that depends on your level of comfort with tools and experience in making sure things are even and level. Horizontal blinds are usually the simplest, and you can get these at the hardware store.

If you’re looking at sheer shades, roller blinds, or another type of window treatment, the hardest part here is ensuring that the measurements are correct. A professional installer knows exactly how much clearance you need on either side for your window treatment to be most effective.

The most challenging window treatment to install on your own is vertical blinds and those that require a panel track. Window shutters are likewise a hurdle for the DIYers since they require precise measurements and on-the-nose leveling. And if you get started and find that your windows are not perfectly square, then you have to make adjustments as you go, and these subtle nuances/nuisances are something that a professional window shutter installer will already have experience in overcoming.

Considering The Cost

The choice to DIY or hire a pro may come down to your budget. When you only have a few rooms and are low on cash, there is nothing wrong at all with hanging a few window treatments on your own. However, if you’re ready to spend the money on long-lasting window treatments, hiring a professional will ensure that these are installed in a way that protects your investment in your home.

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