You have many options for window treatment colors. But what color blinds make a room look bigger? The trick is to stick with light hues.

If you have a small home or just an enclosed living space, your house might feel like a tighter squeeze than it actually is. And when you add furniture, people, and pets, things can get claustrophobic quickly. But, the right window treatments (and a few other tricks of the trade) can make even a sparse space seem sprawling.

So What Color Blinds Make A Room Look Bigger?

The simple answer: white or cream. White and other light colored blinds allow light to filter in, even when they are closed. But it’s not all about color. Sheer blinds and curtains are your best option for a smaller space. Shears flow well with most room styles, and, despite allowing you to see out, sheers keep your Franklin home private from the outside.

Another step to take when choosing blinds is to stick with options that are flush with the window and fit inside of the recess. Classic, wooden, and roller shades are great options for an interior space. If you have a small sunroom and want to add a window treatment that doesn’t take up excess space, you might consider Roman shades.

Other Ways To Open Up Space

Your window treatments are only one part of the puzzle. If you’re looking to create the most open feel possible, you have to get creative with your mirrors and keep your space clean.

Use mirrors to your advantage by placing them strategically throughout the room. By reflecting light from a window, the room will feel much larger upon entry and help you relax more since you won’t feel the walls closing in around you. Look for decorative mirrors with little ornamentation. A great option here is a floor to ceiling mirror propped up against an adjacent wall.

You’ll also need to keep your room clean and decluttered, especially in the areas around your windows. Remember, the point of room-lightning window treatments, such as blinds, is to create the illusion of space. When you block the light, you defeat the purpose of your investment.

A final trick to making small spaces seem larger is to be intentional with your furnishings. A minimalistic approach is best, so make a point to purge any furniture or decor that you don’t need. The only real exception here aside from the mirrors are large pictures that depict an outdoor scene in an area where you don’t have a window.

If you still need additional assistance, contact us today to schedule a window treatment design consultation. We can walk you through the process, and we even offer wall decor installation if you need help deciding on what to keep and how to keep it fastened to the wall safely.

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