Are vertical blinds outdated? No way! They are sleek, easy to clean, and offer just the right amount of lighting (or privacy) when you need it most.

Vertical blinds are a staple in the design industry. In fact, we sell vertical blinds in Franklin, TN, every day. Keep reading to find out why these light-blocking window treatments are on the up and up!

The Benefits Of Vertical Blinds

Many customers ask us: are vertical blinds outdated? The answer is no. Vertical blinds work well in most homes, condos, or apartments and have many benefits. These include:

  • Lighting control. Vertical blinds are easy to adjust. This means that you can allow just the right amount of light into each room where blinds are hung. This is particularly useful for rooms that get lots of sunlight during a certain time of day. For example, if your kitchen gets lots of evening sun and you want to cool things down while the oven is on, you can close your blinds completely.
  • Privacy. Vertical blinds provide excellent privacy by blocking the view from the outside. If you live in a home that’s close to the street, vertical blinds can keep your inside actions out of the outside eye. This is crucial in Franklin, TN since blinds can keep all the walkers, joggers, and local shoppers from seeing the inside of your home.
  • Versatility. Vertical blinds are just as versatile as any other type of window treatment. They come in a vast array of colors and designs, and you can choose a width and material that suits your home’s decor. 
  • Easy maintenance. Vertical blinds are exceptionally easy to maintain. In fact, most of the time, cleaning requires only a quick wipe with a soft, damp cloth. You won’t even have to clean them often since dust doesn’t settle as easily as it does on horizontal surfaces. 
  • Energy efficient. Vertical blinds can reduce the energy that your home consumes by blocking out sunlight during the summer and working as an effective insulator during the winter.

Vertical Sheers For A Softer Look

If you aren’t sold on the idea of vertical blinds, consider vertical sheers. This type of window covering combines all of the functionality of vertical blinds with the soft, elegant look of sheer curtains. For these, vertical blinds are made up of two layers of sheer fabric, which are connected with horizontal fabric vanes. One benefit of vertical sheers over vertical blinds is that they won’t move in the wind quite as much if you tend to leave doors and windows open.

Where Can I Use Vertical Blinds Or Sheers?

The short answer: anywhere you want. Vertical blinds make an excellent covering for patio doors, French doors, and sliding glass doors. You can also use vertical blinds on floor-to-door windows. Vertical sheers might take the place of blinds in the bedroom or anywhere else you would like more diffused light.

Ultimately, vertical blinds (or sheers) make a great addition to any home. The choice between the two is highly personal, and your 7.0 Blinds & Shutters consultant can walk you through the pros, cons, and costs of each.

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